Leverage social selling by meeting buyers along their social buying journey

The buying process has changed: Learn new skills and influence buyers at an early stage!

Buyers don't wait to be contacted by sales people to get to know new products and services.

Buyers use social media to explore relevant solutions to their needs and check recommendations from peers in the network prior to purchase.

In this new environment it is more important than ever that sales representatives adapt to the new buying process and upgrade their social skills. 

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In the Selling socially e-training program you will discover that...

  • Social selling is effective

    Business is human to human. When practising social skills your social selling score will improve. It’s an early indication of increased sales.

  • Social selling is fun

    When you “stop selling” you sell more by helping the customer buy. Actually the lifetime value of customers buying from you is better than you selling to them.

  • Leverage your network

    When becoming “top-of-mind”, for the value you add, the number of incoming requests from your network will increase.

Voices about Social Selling, Selling Socially and LinkedIn

Ylva Gardell Ylva Gardell, Business Development Consultant at Right Management formerly Manpower

Olle Leckne held an appreciated training in three steps for with me and my colleagues with the headline Social Selling through LinkedIn. The training gave us as group and as individuals a wider perspective on how to use LinkedIn as an efficient sales tool; making it possible for us to increase our number of connections, to look after our network, and to transform cold contacts into warm. May 12, 2015, Ylva was Olle's client

Koka Sexton Koka Sexton, Social Selling Leader, LinkedIn

Leverage social selling to build relationships with your buyers early-on; create trust and value before you have a dialogue about price.

Greg Randolph, SVP Greg Randolph, SVP, CA Technologies

When our teams approach new prospects, first of all, they have to it with incredible insight. And the way you do that is using the same technologies and approaches that they use to find us and our products, we can use to find out about them.

Phil Lurie, Social Selling Leader Phil Lurie, Social Selling Leader, SAP

We started collecting success stories. We connected through the CEO’s administrative assistant. Someone reached out to her and got a meeting with the CEO. Used LinkedIn to track the rest of the organization. We found the real decision makers. And the CEO recommended us. It ended up with 5 Million Euro sales within 3 months. A very big win for us. We have now stored 50 success stories, so we recognize leaders right away.

Liz Kempinski Driving Social Selling adoption, development, & success Liz Kempinski Driving Social Selling adoption, development, & success , ADP Worldwide Sales

We are training our sales teams on Sales Navigator, which is product specific. We train them on how this tool is going to help them make money. And that’s how we make all training go, cause their going to adopt it if they realize that it’s going help them close deals, win business and make money.

Maria-Therese Lindefors Maria-Therese Lindefors, Kvadrat Management AB

The Social Selling training program I participated in unveiled new possibilities to engage with customers by leveraging my LinkedIn network. I’m getting more and better meetings and by building trust and influencing the buyer I sell more. This is a welcome value add to my normal cold calling.

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