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What you get in the e-course:

  • Social selling school in 5 steps
  • LinkedIn as sales tool 7 course modules
  • Social skills 5 course modules
  • Create a great LinkedIn profile guide
  • Workbook with progress reporting

Customers say:

The Social Selling training program I participated in unveiled new possibilities to engage with customers by leveraging my LinkedIn network.

I’m getting more and better meetings and by building trust and influencing the buyer I sell more.

This is a welcome value add to my normal cold calling.

Maria-Therese Lindefors Kvadrat Management

Olle Leckne held an appreciated training in three steps for with me and my colleagues with the headline Social Selling through LinkedIn. The training gave us as group and as individuals a wider perspective on how to use LinkedIn as an efficient sales tool; making it possible for us to increase our number of connections, to look after our network, and to transform cold contacts into warm

Ylva Gardell Manpower

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When you completed the course and used what you learned in practice, it will lead to improved sales. If you don’t get more leads, prospects, visitors, meetings or requests, you will get your money back.