Cold calling is dying. Well we need to get hold of people, right! The old ways are replaced with smarter ways.

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    Cold calling is cold

    Well, everybody still use the phone right! Not really. Well not for sales calls any more. And there is a simply logic for that. Humans seek new solutions to old problems.

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    Buyers are busy

    C-level executives have been busy answering telemarketing calls. Not any more. After receiving 10-14 cold calls a day any sensible person would do someting about it. Executive are busy doing business. Its pretty logical that they don't pick up cold calls any more.

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    The buying process has changed

    Buyers are googling, linkedin'ing and seeking solutions in social media. Advice: It you want to sell something meet buyers where they are the way they want. We call it selling socially ūüėÄ

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